Known as the cradle of one of Europe’s most ancient and advanced civilizations; the Minoan, Crete or “Megalónisos” (the “Great Island”), could almost be a country itself that you will probably need a lifetime to discover. With cosmopolitan cities like Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos and medieval picturesque ones like Chania and Rethymnon Crete satisfies all tastes. Just become one of the Cretans and visit the traditional markets, try the traditional and multi awarded, as one of the healthiest and most diverse, cuisines in the world, drink the local raki and by the end of the day you will whisper “mantinades”.

Crete boasts a large number of accommodation including luxurious 5 star hotels as well as some of the most beautiful beaches like Vai, Balos, Falasarna & Elafonisi. Wander around the mountaineer villages in Psiloritis and Lefka Ori mountains, discover impressive caves and canyons like Samaria, fertile valleys, lakes and experience the unique landscapes that Cretan land hides.

The Island of Crete and its genuinely friendly people, welcome you and wish you a wonderful stay!! Some will be visiting for the first time, whilst others have now become regulars, but either way, we promise you a truly memorable Mediterranean travelling experience.