PΑΝΥGΥRΙΑ (Saint Days)



Feast of the Lord’s Prayer (Marius)


Feast of St. George (Zoniana, Plakias)


Feast of Saints Constantine and Helen (Axos)


Festival of Ascension (Anogia)
Feast of the Ascension (Panormo)


Feast of Agios Panteleimon (Adele, Chromonastiri)
Festival of Prophet Elias (Ancient Eleftherna)

Feast of Panagia (Agia Galini, Coxare, Selia, Axos)
Feast of the Virgin Mary of Charaka (Bali)


Feast of the Cross (Axos)
Feast of the Virgin Mary (Myriokephala, Lefkogeia)


24 June Festival of St. John the Clydesdale, Municipality of Gortys, Archanon – Asterousia

29 June Feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul, Municipality of Phaistos

17 July Feast of Agia Marina, Municipality of Malevizi, Minoa Pedias

27 July Festival of Agios Panteleimon, Municipality of Archanes-Asterousia, Malevizi, Viano, Phaistos

6 August Feast of the Transfiguration of the Saviour, Municipality of Minoa Pedias

8 August Feast of Agios Myronas, Municipality of Gortys

15 August Feast of Panagia Municipality of Heraklion, Malevizi, Phaistos, Hersonissos

25 August Great Festival of Agios Titus, Municipality of Heraklion

8 September Festival with music and dancing at the monastery of Keras, Municipality of Hersonissos

26 October Festival of Agios Dimitrios, Municipality of Hersonissos

3 November Festival at the monastery of Apanosifis, Municipality of Gortyna

8 November Great Festival of Agios Minas, Municipality of Heraklion

30 November Feast of Agios Andreas, Municipality of Minoa Pedias

4 December Feast of Agia Varvara, Municipality of Gortyna

23 December Festival of the Ten Saints, Municipality of Gortys

25 March Festival of Evangelismos, Municipality of Heraklion

23 April Feast of St George, Municipality of Gortys

5 May Festival of Agia Irini, Municipality of Malevizi

21 May Festival of Saints Constantine and Helen, Municipality of Minoa Pedias

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Cold Three Hierarchs, 30/1.

St. George, 23/3, Metropolitan Church of Ierapetra (patron saint of Ierapetra).

St. George, 23/4. In the ruined settlement of Skalia, near the village of Sitanos.

Marmaketo, 8/5 .Feast of John the Theologian

Ag. Triada, 4/6. In Palekastro and Ag. Triada.

Holy Spirit, 4/6. In Armeni.

Church of Panagia Eleousa of Ierapetra, 11/6, (icon of Panagia Reisteriani)

Mesa Lasithaki, 1/7 .Chapel of the Holy Doctors Anargyros. Pan-Lasithian feast.

Agia Marina, 17/7 .In Exo Mouliana, Myrsini and Prissos.

Prophet Elias, 20/7. In Mesa Mouliana.

Ag. Paraskevi, 26/7. In Ziros, Tourtoulous and Agia Triada.

Ag. Panteleimon, 27/7. In Roosa Church, Chamezi and Shinokapsala.

Metamorphosis, 6/8 .In Exo Mouliana in Agios Stefanos and Zakros.

Panagia eve,14/8 .In Maronia.

Panagia, 15/8 .In Palekastro, Lastro, Piskokefalos, Turloti, Sitanos.

Great Virgin Mary of Neapolis, 15/8.

Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni of Ierapetra, 15/8

Monastery of Timios Prodromos Kapsa, 29/8

St. John, 29/8.

St. John the Baptist, 29/8 .In Daphne.

Panagia, 8/9 .In Lithines.

Cross, 14/9. In Sfaka.

Ag. Sophia, 17/9. In Armenoi.

Tzermiadon, 18/9 ,Feast of St. Ariadne unique in Crete dedicated to St.

Toplou Monastery of Sitia, 26/9.

Saint Catherine, 25/11 .In Sitia.

St. Anna, 9/12 .In Piskokephalo.

Agios Isidoros, 4/2 at Cape Sidero.

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Agios Ioannis of Sfakia, Feast of Agios Ioannis , 8 May: Traditional festival of Sfakia.

Azogire, Feast of Saint Father, 7 October: In the beautiful village with the visitable impressive cave of the Holy Fathers.

Aradainas, Day of Archangel Michael 8 November: Just above the impressive Aradaina Gorge, in the desolate but beautiful village.

Assi Gonia, Feast of Saint George, 23 April or after Easter Day: It’s a great celebration. All the shepherds in the area bring down their animals with their fellow villagers to be blessed, then milk them and distribute the milk to the pilgrims.

Elos, St. Dikeos, May 6: Extraordinary views at a unique festival.

Theirissos, Assumption of the Virgin Mary, 15 August.

Kandanos, the Ascension of Christ (1)

Kustogerako, Agia Ekaterina, 25 November: High up on Kustogerako with a magnificent view of the festival, which also commemorates the rescue of the rebels who were hiding from the Germans in a cave there.

Lissos, Agios Kirykos 15 July: Pilgrims begin arriving at ancient Lissos on foot or by boat from Sougia in the early afternoon of the previous day. A real festival in Selino in a mythical place.

Paleochora, Annunciation of the Virgin Mary 25 March: Lots of musical instruments and a happy atmosphere. The whole of Paleochora, at the beginning of spring.

Sembronas, Apopigadi, Feast of St. John, 24 June: One of the festivals, taking place on a very high point, with an incredible view.

Shuya, Harei, St. Anthony’s Day, 1-2 July: Unique traditional festival at the coastal chapel located in Harei. The route takes place on foot, through the E4 path leading from Sougia to Agia Roumeli and lasts two hours with a unique background of the Libyan Sea and pine-covered slopes. There is also the possibility to go there by boat from Sougia. Outdoor overnight stay.

Strovles, Holy Spirit (2)

Sfakia, Thymiani Panagia, last Sunday of May.

Chrysoskalitissa, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, 15 August: In the beautiful monastery, which is a real “balcony” on the Libyan Sea, the famous festival takes place.

Frangokastello, Agios Nikitas, 15 September: A great festival during which horse-riding competitions take place.

Floria, Michael the Archangel, 8 November: Small traditional festival.

Other excellent festivals, by date, are the following:

6 August of Metamorphosis: Xirosterni, Tzitzife, Kares of Kissamos, Sassalo

August 15 , The Assumption of the Virgin Mary: Vulgaro Panagia of the Summit, Kolymbari Gonia, Pemonia, Fres, Exopolis, Litsarta, Alikambos, Kefalah, Kallikrati, Kustogerako

29 August John the Baptist are.

September 8 the Nativity of the Mother of Christ: Gavalochori, Tzitzife, Sassalo

14 September Feast of the Holy Cross: Nippos, Rodovani

September 15 St. Nikitas: Kambia

(1) The feast has no date, because it is “mobile” – 40 days after the Orthodox Easter
(2) The feast has no date because it is ‘mobile’ – 50 days after Orthodox Easter